About Frequency Parties – test page

Frequency is renowned for bringing friends and like minded people together who all share the same passion for life, good times and the love of music. You’re never too OLD to PARTY!

Brad Hubble & Anna Di Bartolo first met on a New Year’s Day BOAT Party 2011. It was on this day that we discovered we had a similar circle of friends, yet we had never met. We had such an awesome time dancing the afternoon away that it inspired us to join forces & host our own boat party to bring our friends together & play the music we love. Thus Frequency was born!

DJ Issy, our resident DJ also shared our vision for good music & we started running Boat parties & every now & then we’ll host a party on land as everyone wants to keep coming back for more. Now 5 years on & 13 parties later Frequency continues to get bigger & better with many more guests, regulars & friends of friends joining our party!!

In October 2015 Brad moved onto family life & bigger responsibilities & left the party planning to Anna. I’ll be keeping the dream alive as long as possible so we can dance our feet off to the music we love!

Check out our live Interview and DJ’s sets on Bondi Beach Radio and Mixcloud


I live my life to the fullest, be it adventures or going out and having fun as I love spending time with my friends. I believe, we are here for a good time not a long time so I make the best out of every opportunity that comes my way!

I have always loved entertaining ever since I can remember. I’m in my element when I am surrounded by my friends and we are having fun and creating memories together. I especially love meeting new people that have a passion for life and who are open minded to the wild and wonderful things this life has to offer.

Come along to a Frequency party and I promise you will not be disappointed. Bringing together the special people in our lives, awesome music and a great attitude, what could possibly be better than that… Well really only one thing!