Chris Kyle is a DJ & Producer who has been involved in the electronic music scene in a number of different countries for over a decade. Passionate about producing events and creating space, Chris has had many opportunities to witness the essence of successful dance music and understands that emotional and rhythmic connection are fundamental to crafting an energised and responsive dance floor.

Playing a wide range of electronic music styles and melting them into an infectious brand of deep and funky bass line driven melodic rhythms, Chris takes pride in careful and considered track selection, key and harmony and understands these are central to creating a cohesive and satisfying musical progression.

Besides DJ’ing Chris been involved in producing and curating a number of different music events and festivals including Tonic, Wildlife, Subsonic and Oddly Wholesome.

Under the production alias of Riff Mix, Chris regularly records and performs with an electric guitarist and other musicians creating a unique blend of rock infused house music..