Andrea Pantano is a Trance DJ from Sydney.

From a young age he has always had a love of upbeat music. He was introduced to dance music in the early 90s by his uncles who would give him their mix tapes, which he would play over and over. As time progressed Andre was in search of other influences as new techno sounds started coming over the radio he knew this was the type of music for him.

In 2001 when he found a unique radio station called A State Of Trance, his true passion for Electronic music was born. Following Armin Van Buuren religiously he began to listen to a lot of Trance DJs and going to all the gigs he could, imagining how amazing it would be to be on that stage. He realised this was his calling, he wanted to create mixes of his own and felt he could bring something new to the table.

Since purchasing his first console DJ Deck he has never looked back. DJing as a hobby at home quickly became spinning tunes at all his friends parties. Andre’s confidence grew as people started to approach him to do bigger paid gigs. With this experience he started to create his uplifting signature sounds to complement his DJ name Galactic Skies and the unique space style he aims to convey.

Andre has taken things to the next level and promoted himself well during weekly sets at Robot Menswear. Although only an amateur DJ he has very successfully performed at many exclusive house parties and private events over the past two years, building his exposure and name.