Frequency Full Moon Party on October 19th was an EPIC night that people won’t forget for a while!


Our guests all dressed in fluoro waiting on the wharf outside Sydney Aquarium to board the Majestic  Aussie Legends Boat certainly did attract the attention of the passers-by.  Little did they know of the adventure they were about to embark upon.


As the boat left the dock at 6pm DJ Neil Smith had his House tunes pumping and the crowd started dancing straight away as the rest of our colourful friends and guest mingles on the front deck.


The vibrant artistry of Ilana from V-Ink glowed on the faces and bodies of the lucky few as the rest of the crowd let loose with the glow in the dark body paint which added to the ambiance of the ensuing party!


As the Sun set and the Full Moon shone bright in the night sky the 230 strong party people were in full swing.  Benny our magician showed off his skills to the unsuspecting crowd leaving bewilderment in his wake the very attractive Red Hot Pie promotional girls were handing out goodies and leaving some of the crowd with whiplash and in need of their Gaydar hand fans to and mints to cool them down.


The party raged on and as the Full Moon rose high in the night sky the front deck was set alight with the magnificent fire show of the Electrofairies. In between the two displays of Fire Twirling on the front deck they were inside showing off their unique skills with the Fluoro Poi twirlers under the black lights.


An amazing array of fluorescent clothing, accessories and body paints glowed brilliantly under the black lights, all jumping and moving to the hypnotic beats of the outstanding DJ Issy. This is definitely a memory the Frequency Party enthusiasts won’t forget in a hurry!


The boat party went too quickly and sadly came to an end at 11pm, we moved onto our regular after party hot spot at Arq.


A massive THANK-YOU  to our partners and sponsors “Guide to Gay”, “Gaydar”, “Gaydar Girls”, ” Red Hot Pie”, “V-Ink”, “Wick-it Wax-it”, “Street Promotions”, “Red Heaven” and “Afous Restaurant”  for their time and generosity in the prelude of the Frequency Full Moon Boat Party and on the day.